Workshop: Machine Learning on HPC Systems (MLHPCS)

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MLHPCS has been held as an online workshop at the ISC 2020.


MLHPCS paper have be published in the Springer LNCS post Conference Proceedings of the ISC.

Invited Talks

» Deploying machine learning algorithms at Petaflop scale on secure HPC production systems with containers

by David Brayford form LRZ

» Get Together - HPC, Big Data, and Machine Learning

by Sunna Torge form TU Dresden

» Distributed Deep Learning: Challenges & Opportunities

by Peter Labus form Fraunhofer ITWM

Paper Presentations

» SmartPred: Unsupervised Hard Disk Failure Detection

presented by Philipp Rombach form the Institute for Machine Learning and Analytics (IMLA) at Offenburg University, Germany

presented by Emily Herron form the University of Tennessee.

» GOPHER, an HPC framework for large scale graph exploration and inference

by Xavier Teruel form BSC

2020 Organizing Committee